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We are FIATA/IATA agents, market leaders in logistics solutions and international freight, specialized in air, sea and truck freights. We ensure 24/7 availability in order to satisfy our customers’ needs and ensure excellence in services we provided. We invest in our human resources, in innovation and technology. It is through our dedicated and specialized professionals that we ensure satisfaction and loyalty from our customers.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our aims



JTM Group goal is international and domestic growth and wants to be recognized for the services provided, their human resources, innovation and technology, and fundamentally through its dedicated and expertized professional team.



JTM Group mission is to provide the best service, elevating the quality criteria both on up-to-date transport solutions and on the handling services it provides to its customers and partners all over the world. We provide a personalized follow up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



To act in accordance to the moral and ethical principles, ensuring integrity and satisfaction to all its partners and clients.
Focus on guaranteed quality.
Dynamics and innovation.
Driven to clients’ needs and interests.
To respect and appreciate coworkers achievements.
To promote team work.
Objectivity, professionalism and efficiency.


To satisfy our customers’ needs and ensure excellence in the provided services is our daily mission. We invest mainly in human resources, innovation and technology.

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