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Fair Exhibition

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In the majority of the cases, participating in fairs is the best way that companies have to access to the market novelties and being attentive to business possibilities, both as a first approach or to consolidate existing contacts.

It isn’t unheard the unpleasant situations of merchandises that due to bureaucratic, customs or other diverse matters haven’t arrived on time to the exhibitions.

JTM participates in several exhibitions and is the partner you are seeking for to be by your side, so check our solutions to let the world know your goods and services. Contact us.

Handling the goods is JTM team responsibility. Our team has the necessary know-how to freight your goods on time to the exhibition. We support the customer at the venue as you only have worry with making businesses and successful contacts.

Taking part at International Fair of Havana – www.feirahavana.com – since 2016, and as single authorized Portuguese Agent, since 2014 by the Government of Cuba, JTM is well known by the exporters holding bilateral relations between Cuba and Portugal.

We knowing Cuban market demands and rules that imply freighting goods, both by sea and air, with close cooperation with the Cuban governmental agents, we avail to our customers all the necessary information for the development of their business.

Contact us and be up to date on a country with such particular rules on imports, whilst associated to Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Tourism Portugal Cuba,. Link: www.portugalcuba.com

Like Fair of Cuba, the goods at Filda 2018, Angola, were freighted by JTM.
With a broader experience in the Angolan market and with credible and professional representatives, JTM manages to follow your goods from its origins until your stand. Competence at its highest level!

We can ensure:

  • High qualified team;

  • Specialized agents network;

  • Assistance in returning the goods after exhibition.