Optimization of training

The human resources were always a priority to JTM Group.

We believe that development depends always on people and on what they can add.

We are a company that values each and every one capabilities and boosts them as to, within the working field, may optimize JTM work, as our future depends from all people with whom we work and interact daily.

JTM Group aims to develop its collaborators competencies through professional training programs that improve learning and knowledge exchange.

This professional training covers areas as: Security, Handling, Build of ULDs, Airport Operations, Dangerous Goods Regulations, Live Animals Regulations, amongst others.

We promote our collaborators mobility granting growth opportunities in other countries where the company is settled. As an international and diverse group we offer new experiences that allow personal fulfillment and professional development.

It is part of our policy to believe in people, value them and support their development. Personal growth is keystone to JTM Group development.

We can ensure:

  • Multidisciplinary team;

  • Professional Training and Team Building Actions;

  • Customer study and planning;

  • Internal and external dynamic strategies;

  • Intellectual and professional development above the average.